cnn ibn opinion poll survey on 2014 state wise

cnn ibn opinion poll survey on 2014 state wise West Bengal,UP,Bihar,Karnataka,Andhra Pradesh,Tamil Nadu, Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan & Maharashtra

Download cnn ibn hindu survey loksabha 2014 state wise results

Hung Lok Sabha Predicted as NDA-UPA Fall far Short in CNN IBN Poll Survey if election will happen today

cnn ibn news election tracker statewise

West Bengal, Total 42 Lok Sabha seats,

Congress is expected to get 5-9 seats,

TMC:  23-27

Left Front,7-11

Bihar: Total 40 seats

JD(U) projected seat between 15-19 seats

Congress is expected to get 0-4 seats.

BJP and RJD will have a close fight for the second spot.

Karnataka Total 28 Lok Sabha seats,

Congress 18-22

BJP,: 2-6 seats.

JD(S) is also likely to get 2-6 seats.

Andhra Pradesh Total 42 seats

Congress : 11-15.

YSR Congress could win 11-15 seats,

TDP 6-10 seats

TRS 5-9 seats. Whether

Tamil Nadu,Total 39 Seats

Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK : 16-20 seats

DMK is expected to get 8-12 seats.

Congress’s likely to win 1-5 seats.

Gujarat : 26 seats

Narendra Modi’s BJP is expected to win 20-24

Congress: 2-6 seats.

Uttar Pradesd total 80 loksabha seat

Congress will likely to win 11-15 seats,

.BJP is expected to get between 29-33 seats,

Samajwadi Party is likely to get between 17-21

Bahujan Samaj Party is predicted to win 14-18 seats.

Madhya Pradesh Total 29 Seats

Congress is expected to win just 2-6 seats

BJP is likely to finish with 21-25 seats.

Rajasthan Total 25 Loksabha seats

Congress predicts to win 10-14 seats

BJP’s predicts to win 10-14 seats.

Maharashtra Total 48 Loksabha Seats

BJP and its allies are likely to get 18-22 seats

Congress and its allies are expected to win 23-27

MNS could be a decisive factor in the state, the opinion poll survey said.


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