India TV & C-Voter Delhi Loksabha Election Opinion Poll February 2014

India TV & C-Voter conducted the poll survey for Delhi Loksabha Election 2014, if election will held today who will form the government. The opinion poll was conducted on all the 7 Parliamentary seats in delhi on Last week of January 2014

Below are the party wise result of Opinion Poll February 2014 for 7 Loksabha seats

Party Name 2009 2014 Gain/Loss
BJP 0 4 +4
AAP 0 3 +3
Congress 7 0 -7
Others 0 0 0

India TV also conducted the survey of delhi: what will happen if Delhi Assembly poll will held today February 2014. AAP will get clear majority in assembly election of delhi if will held now.

Party Name 2013 2014 Gain/Loss
BJP  32 23  -9
AAP  28 39  +11
Congress  8 5  -3
Others  02 03  +1







2 thoughts on “India TV & C-Voter Delhi Loksabha Election Opinion Poll February 2014

  1. Well Said , Yogendra !

    Last evening , on ABP News , Yogendra Yadav said :

    * In the past , we ( AAP ) have made a few mistakes
    * In coming months / years , we may make some more mistakes
    * We are not ashamed to admit our mistakes
    * We are learning from our own mistakes – and from mistakes of others
    * We are not a monolithic party where everyone must speak with one voice
    * We come from diverse , social / political / economic background
    * We continue to differ in our views from one another
    * We believe such different views are essential to party democracy
    * We cannot influence one another without airing our differing views
    * We don’t have answers to all the problems of Delhi- let alone of Country !
    * We are in the process of framing our polices on National matters
    * Even when released , these policies will not be rigid but open to changes
    * It is unfortunate that in India , people have stopped asking questions
    * We need to create a strong culture of asking uncomfortable questions
    * There is nothing inconsistent between ” Protesting” and ” Governing ”
    * Drama is an essential part of politics – Remember Gandhiji’s fasts ?
    * Unjust laws must be politely broken – ala , Salt Satyagraha of Dandi
    * Our struggle is not about changing rulers – it is about changing system
    * People vote for a candidate , not knowing whether he will win / lose
    * People vote for a party – whether it will rule or sit in opposition
    * People don’t change their views / attitudes at once. Give them time
    * You cannot change a system by criticizing from outside
    * To influence others , you must become an ” Insider ”
    * Anna continues to inspire us , even when he criticizes us
    * People are the ultimate judge of whether we are right or wrong
    * Time has come to work for the ” Common Good ”
    * Our critics should also ask BJP, how many promises they fulfilled

    Yogendra said many more things ,
    Many wise things ,
    Very politely ,
    Disarmingly ,
    Congrats !

    * hemen parekh ( 08 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )

  2. Run Out of Issues , Rajat Sharma ?

    Dear Rajat Sharma ,

    Last evening , on your India TV show , you spent quite a few minutes talking about the refrigerator , the air-conditioner , the micro-wave oven , the sofa set etc

    You normally don’t talk about such mundane things !

    So , why this sudden importance to items of necessity ?

    Surely , India TV was not airing a ” Commercial ” !

    Only because , some 3 ministers of AAP government had asked these items to be installed in their homes ?

    From the tone of your voice , it seemed you had stumbled upon some dark , corrupt practice of AAP ministers !

    A ” corruption ” of some Rs 10 lakhs in all , between 3 ministers !

    Items that belonged to the Delhi Government and which , these ministers will need to leave behind when they vacate their government-owned flats in the next 3 days !

    ( Since , AAP government is most likely to resign in next 3 days )

    Now , you don’t want to waste your time telling the viewers about

    > Dozens of Ministers / MPs / MLAs , who continue to occupy their official
    residences , months / years after their tenure – without paying rent

    > Scores of Ministers who owe various agencies , crores of rupees for use of
    water / electricity / telephone etc , after demitting office

    > Equal number of ex-Ministers / MPs / MLAs , who enjoy one or other kind
    of perks / benefits from State coffers ( and of course ,from Air India )

    > Ministers ( including some ex-presidents ) who travelled abroad on what
    was described as ” Official Visits ” – with friends and family vacationing

    > Planning Commission spending a few crores of rupees to renovate toilets

    > Ministers spending crores of rupees to re-furbish their bungalows

    > Ministers / MPs / MLAs who ” forget ” to declare all of their assets while
    filing their nomination for elections

    > Ministers who ” forget ” to file their Income Tax returns for a few years
    ( Babu Jagjivan Ram forgot to file , for 10 years in a row ! )

    > MPs / MLAs who spend ( of course , on government expenses ) 15 days ,
    holidaying at exotic foreign locations , to study ” Empowerment of Poor ”

    RAJAT ,

    That you are anti-AAP , does not stop me from remaining glued to your 9pm
    show every evening – and I urge , all AAP ministers to do so !

    It is only critiques like you who can keep reminding them of the lofty
    principles that they stand for

    By and large , you have conducted yourself without bias towards any political party

    You have been balanced and respectful of the people you interview

    And the best part is ,

    You allow the participants to speak , without interrupting them or trying to put words in their mouth – a rare virtue amongst TV anchors / editors !

    Don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill !

    In future , please ignore non-issues

    After all , India TV is , ” Aap ki Awaz ” !

    * hemen parekh ( 11 Feb 2014 / Mumbai )

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